Pier Public Art Project

Submissions for the Public Pier Art Project consideration have ended. New submissions will not be reviewed.
aerial view of new st. petersburg pier concept

Pre-Qualify for Short List for St. Petersburg Pier Project

The City of St. Petersburg invites artists with a high level of professional experience in three dimensional exterior public art to indicate interest in being considered for commissions for the upcoming St. Petersburg Pier project. Formal proposals will be sought from artists from the limited pool of prequalified, interested artists. Artists must have a completed body of work of similar scope, scale and budget range as well as familiarity with the integration of design and installation into an ongoing construction project. At this time a total of $480,000 is available for two commissions but this budget may be augmented.

About the Pier Project and Site

The Pier is a twenty-six acre pedestrian oriented park extending about a quarter mile into Tampa Bay from the bayfront of downtown St. Petersburg, FL, The design is a redevelopment of a significant and historic amenity.

In the pre-qualification phase artists are not applying for a specific site but they may indicate a preference or affinity for one or more. The committee is open to artists’ ideas about how to address the site through art.

About the Pier Art Commission Process

The Selection Committee has devised a process that it hopes will be respectful of the time of busy professional artists, encourage qualified artists to investigate this project and require a limited amount of time to express their interest if they wish to be considered. Artists may express interest by submitting examples of their past work, websites, videos and other materials, of their choosing. The Committee will review the past work and qualifications of interested artists who have significant experience with projects and budgets comparable to the Pier Project. Artists are welcome to contact the Project Manager to get more information or discuss this process at pierart337@gmail.com Project Manager may reach out to artists to obtain additional information for the committee’s deliberations.

The Committee’s goal is a short list of pre-qualified artists for a minimum of two commissions. When the final design and budget decisions for the overall project are finalized, the Committee will select an appropriate number of finalists from the short list for interviews and site visits. Selected finalist artists may then proceed to proposals and final decisions. Design honoraria scaled to project budget, will be offered.

Although this project may be advertised in national public art opportunity forums, due to City legal requirements, only a limited number of artists who meet the professional standards and criteria will be presented for pre-qualification review to the Committee. The City of St Petersburg Public Art Selection Committee and staff have sole discretion to select artists for review from general pool of applicants. Interested artists may contact project manager at pierart337@gmail.com.

Eligibility: Only artists with experience working with budgets comparable to this project will be considered for commissions. Artist must have a body of completed work in exterior sites. Artists must demonstrate a high degree of professional competency through any combination of training, exhibition or project history. Familiarity with the process of working in coordination with a site under construction will also be a significant asset.

There are no geographic limits to eligibility, but travel expense reimbursements beyond North and South America may be limited.

Submissions will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling schedule of monthly meetings until July 1,2017.

How to Apply:

To express interest in submitting for consideration for the Pier District Short List please:

  1. Complete this short information form.
  2. Submit examples of relevant work and resume. Image List or captions recommended. Artists may use either of these methods to submit files:
    1. Upload JPGs and Word documents on Hubcentrix using password: Pier337 (case sensitive).
    2. YouSendIt or similar programs emailed to pierart337@gmail.com
      Note: Do not use DropBox or attach to email.